Friday Fave 5!

Five of my favorite things from this week! To join in, click on the Friday Fave 5 button. Come on! It’s fun!

I feature here a perk of teaching. It’s a perfectly delicious pumpkin roll. A family from the school where I teach gave me this homemade happiness. This morning I sliced it and put it in my toaster oven. Oh. My. Gravy. Was it good! A sweet start to my morning…thanks sweet family for thinking of me at Christmas!

Along with the slice of pumpkin roll, I enjoyed another cup of my new favorite coffee – Gloria Jean’s Ginger Snap! Oh Snap…I hope it’s not offered only during the Christmas season. See the cute ornaments on the label?

We use a Keurig coffee maker. If you need a new coffee maker, you really should consider a Keurig! Oh Keurig Coffee People…I need to be your spokesperson. Seriously. If you’re reading this…holl~ah!

These are just sooooo cute! I picked these up from Gap Kids for my nieces. They’re striped on one side, polka-dot on the other and have fringed ends. I added these to a couple of mini bags from Vera Bradley and voila! Cute City for Christmas! (No peeking, H, W & K! Get off my blog!)

Earlier this week while driving TechSon home from school, we stopped at Frida’s Cafe & Bakery. I picked out a few goodies. These were all European baked goods which, turns out, TechSon and Skate~Boy don’t much care for. There was nary a chocolate chip nor sugar cookie in the bunch! So they were MINE, all MINE…(insert creepy laugh here). One Fine Man & Guitar Girl had a few nibbles, too. When they could find where I hid the box…

Check out the cookies on the top right. They are called Mediterranean Maccaroons. ‘Never had them before but I will no longer be a stranger to the call of their crunchy, chewy, coconuttiness. Enough said.

Hello Scrabble game that Skate~Boy and I have been trying to finish lo these past 4 days! We take lots of breaks. ‘Still fun though. Look how bad we are with our 3 and 4 letter words! As there are only 3 tiles left in the bag, we can probably knock this out in an hour. Or two. Or three.
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  • Mommy Dot Com

    I can’t help but wonder how you even have time to blog? You seem like a very busy woman! And that coffee sounds so good.

  • Sandy

    love Scrabble, I AM going to play a few games these next few weeks, YES! (have to find my Scrabble buddies, no one in my home likes to play with me) :))))

  • Kelly Combs

    …”Once they found where I hid them.” LOL!!!

    I’d love to try the coffee maker. I am ADDICTED to coffee. But it’s not in the budget. But I’m going to go google it and check it out.

    Fun 5’s today!

  • Jerralea

    Wow I like your fave 5’s,too. I love pumpkin rolls and Scrabble. Your pics are great, too.

  • Brenda

    Funny you should mention Scrabble, I almost put it as one of my favorite 5. . . we play everyday with our son when he is home from college. He always wins, he is in college! But its good time spent together

  • Susanne

    Well you’ve certainly got me drooling after reading these fives. LOL. I’ll have to show hubby the coffee maker. We love us a good cup of coffee.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Tracie

    Pumpkin roll. YUM!!! Great list!

  • ellen b

    It’s not a good idea to be eating my high fiber cereal while I’m reading this post and seeing those bars and cookies. They look fabulous!! The scarves are very cute! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  • Mel

    Myself and my oldest two love scrabble!! It is a blast, we actually play on line when not all together…and I hid the treats in my house too!!!

  • RosyRose

    Hey Melanie…Good job with picking treats you can demolish by yourself:)!
    I love scrabble too…Do you ever play “take 1”. You use scrabble pieces but not the board. You start with 7 and try to make words. Everytime you have all your pieces used up you say”take 1″ until all the pieces are used. It can go pretty fast….Have a fab Friday!