“Life in the Key of G”

I am writing a bible study that I’ve entitled “Life in the Key of G ~ Grace & Glory.” I’ll be using this study as I lead the ministry time at a women’s retreat in May.

I would so appreciate if you took the time to answer the question in the “Ponder” section. With your permission, I would like to use your response in my Bible study, by attributing it either by your first name only or anonymously.

Thanks so much!

source ~ Robert Broughton

Precept: Not only are we saved by God’s grace but we also live by His grace.

Passage: The Apostle Paul pleaded three times that the thorn in his flesh might depart, God’s response, however, was, “My grace is  sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:8-9)

Premise: Perhaps the greatest challenge we face is our willing submission. To submit is to surrender. We surrender the cost to our flesh. We surrender the discomfort to our ego. We surrender our personal agenda to minister as unto the Lord to the needs of others.

Ponder: Can you think of a specific area in which you need to surrender to God’s grace working in your life?

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  • Peggy Morris

    I need His grace always, but especially when the unexpected happens.

  • http://www.eileenknowles.com/ Eileen

    I think over the past few months God has really been opening my eyes to the need to totally surrender to Him that my identity is found only in Him. He has been challenging me to stop striving and to rest on this Truth.

    • http://www.melaniedorsey.com/ Melanie Dorsey

      Thanks so much for responding, Eileen. In the month of December, God really began teaching me on surrendering to His Grace. I’m glad to have a fellow traveler.