Life in the Key of G ~ Grace & Glory

Melanie knows what it’s like to burn out spiritually and emotionally all while doing and saying the “right things.” It wasn’t until her late thirties that she began to understand God’s “grace for living.” A pastor’s daughter, busy worker in the church and all around “good girl,” Melanie describes herself as having lived for many years a kind of “white knuckled life.” She says, “I was straining to live righteously under my own power and in my own strength. Until one day the combination of my history, my personality and my own lack of boundary setting in a controlling situation proved to be the ‘perfect storm’ for an emotional and spiritual implosion.”

Through a series of life events, Melanie came to know the grace of God not just for salvation but grace for living!

In the bible study, “Life in the Key of G ~ Grace & Glory,” Melanie shares some of her grace stories along with those of other brave friends.

You’ll hear the “grace stories” of Murray, Laurie, Pam & Ted, Pauline, Heather and more. Each one has shared a story with Melanie of God’s grace in trial as well as the everydayness of life and how His grace has been their source, their sufficiency and their strength.

“Life in the Key of G ~ Grace & Glory” will inspire and strengthen you in your Spirit led walk as you embrace God’s own words regarding His grace in 2nd Corinthians 12:9, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Five sessions include the following simple but powerful truths of God’s grace:

  • GRACE – How Sweet the Sound
  • GLORY – It’s All About Him

 “Grace is but glory begun and glory is but grace perfected.” ~ Jonathan Edwards

This Bible study is ideal for a retreat or can be condensed for a breakout session. “Life in the Key of G ~ Grace & Glory” includes a study guide and a reflection section as a take away bonus. If you are interested in booking me to teach this study or speak on a topic within the study, contact me here.

Written by Melanie Dorsey - Visit Website photo Mysignature-1.png
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  • Cain4him

    Oh Melanie, This makes me want to SHOUT Hallelujah!!! I cannot Wait to have a copy in my hands, with my Bible, digging in to see God’s Glorious Grace!!! :)

    • Melanie Dorsey

      Thanks, Cindy! I hope to make it available soon. In the fall I plan to have video taped teaching segments to accompany the Bible study.