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When I was faced with the very opposite outcome of what our family had hoped and prayed, I felt greatly disappointed. Disappointed with God? Yes. I remember receiving an email from an acquaintance who had prayed for our son. She seemed to have many questions of her own and wrote, “…but God does not disappoint.”

I remember thinking, “You feel that way because it was not your child who suffered and died.” I wrote back to her, “I feel VERY disappointed.”

(I’m guest posting for  Eileen at The Scenic Route today. To read the entirety of “Unlearning,” click on The Scenic Route.)

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  • Margaret

    Melanie…I’ve been following your blog for some time and am always so blessed by your words. I “just happened” to be reading “Disappointment With God”….I “found” it at my office last week. I had some of those same questions and I am so amazed at who God is in spite of my small version of him……thank you for your words. Blessings

    • http://www.melaniedorsey.com/ Melanie Dorsey

      Thank you for your encouraging words to me. You are right in that we are often guilty of having a “small version” of God. I wonder if we’ll finally be able to comprehend his awesomeness once we are in His presence. I suppose it would overwhelm us in the here and now but perhaps He sometimes allows us a fleeting glimpse. I think of Moses whose face had to be veiled after His encounters with the glory of God.