Why You Need a Nap & a Vitamin {Water the Camels}

This is an original drawing by a very talented budding artist ~ Dylan.
Thanks, Dylan, for giving me permission to use your artwork for my final “Water the Camels” post.

This is the final post in the “Water the Camels” series to increase energy. I hope you’ve found the action steps to be easy to implement and that you’ve seen a rise in your energy level. I have.

Perhaps the easiest and most impacting step for me has been to drink more water. I’ve started my mornings with a tall glass of iced water and been mindful through the day to refill my glass and drink up.

I’m going to finish this series with the “situation” that prompted me to begin the “Water the Camels” series in the first place – naps!

Nap Time

I don’t need scientific research to know that a nap does a body good, however, I also don’t want to feel that I desperately NEED a nap. A friend and I were talking about how we feel guilty if we take a nap. Why the guilt? Because naps are fine and dandy for little kids and papaws but let a grown up woman get “outed” for taking one and there’s a sense that she is either lazy or has too much leisure time. I say if you’ve got the chance to nap – nap.

Consider the benefits and change your thinking about taking a nap. Ordinarily I am not a napper. It’s just difficult for me to stop thinking long enough to relax for a nap (unless I’m sick). Also, I admit to feeling that dumb guilt thing if I head for my bed before bed time. However, I’m going to experiment in scheduling my day to take a short snooze a few times a week and see what happens energy wise.  I actually attempted one today but about the time I felt my body relax, Ted started barking like a crazy canine and that was that.

My sweet, brave son, Andrew & his pup, Ted.
This is one of my favorite pictures of my son. I miss him. Every minute.

I like what Michael Hyatt says about napping.

 ”People who take them are not lazy. They might just be the smartest, most productive people you know.”

Smart? Productive? Sign me up. (Click on the quote above to read his article, “5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Nap.”)

Call it a power nap. Call it a siesta! Naps rejuvenate. Naps assist your productivity. Naps make you smarter. And prettier. (I may have made that last one up.)

Watch this 2 minute video on why and how long you should nap. After watching the video, my mind is made up. Naps for everyone!

Vitamin B12

The last thing I want to add to this series is the importance of taking Vitamin B12. I take a sub-lingual B12 every time I remember. The problem is I don’t remember often enough. (I’m working on this, too.) B12 is easy to find and inexpensive. For the finer points on supplementing with Vitamin B12, I’m going to let Dr. OZ tell you all about it. He’s smart. He’s scientific. He likes to ask, “Fair enough?” He has a TV show.

So that’s it! Thanks for your interest, your comments and here’s to your ENERGY! (You can’t see me but I’m lifting a glass of water in a toast to you.)

Written by Melanie Dorsey - Visit Website photo Mysignature-1.png
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  • Laurielynnmitchell

    Thanks for the series! Motivation to keep up the good fight of faith and fitness. :)

    • MelanieClarkDorsey

      Thanks for the super guest post!