Acrylic vs. Cast iron kitchen sinks

Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks – There are many different options when choosing right kitchen or bathroom sink, and each has a different impact on theme of room. Acrylic and cast iron kitchen sinks both have become very popular and provide a unique, modern.


Acrylic sinks are made of hard plastic and are non-porous, while cast iron sinks are constructed from cast iron and then coated with enamel.


Acrylic sinks are less likely to chip because of its plastic composition, while enamel cast iron kitchen sinks can be easily chipped, revealing structure of cast iron. Both are fairly durable, although acrylic sinks can degrade over time.


Acrylic sinks often have a matte finish, while cast iron sinks feel smooth and similar to glass. Both are easy to clean, but care must be taken to ensure that surfaces are not scratched or damaged by abrasive pads or sponges.


Cast iron kitchen sinks respond better to heat acrylic sinks, so maybe a better choice for a kitchen. Acrylic sinks begin to melt under extreme heat due to its design based on plastic.

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Due to structure of cast iron, cast iron sinks are heavier than acrylic sinks and may require additional support to ensure they do not fall and cause an accident.

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