Decorate My Kitchen with Italian Kitchen Decor

Italian kitchen decor – If time constraints prohibit you get on a plane to visit Florence, spend the lire you’ve worked so hard and you’ve saved for the journey and transform your kitchen with a style Italian kitchen decor that surely will transport you, your family and your guests to beautiful Italy. Use warm orange tones bathed in sunshine, delicate wood and red accessories to achieve a rustic. Choose a palette of colors reminiscent of an Old Italian stucco building. Choose a peach orange, deep golden yellow or light toast basis for your walls.

Sort cabinets for your Italian kitchen decor made of dark wood. Grow old kitchen cabinets so they look warm and inviting. Beautify your kitchen materials prevailing in Italian kitchen decor. The tile or wood floors worn look sensational, but if you are looking for authenticity, buy Italian terracotta tiles or bricks to copy the style of a European farmhouse floor.

Make decorator touches: A shelf mounted from the ceiling with copper pots, baskets full of delicious tomatoes, artichokes and black and green olives and garlic collars instantly become a common kitchen in an Italian country cooking. A large farmhouse table and chairs and rattan weave charm make it a double.

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Popular Italian Kitchen Decor

Colors like burnt orange and yellow gold have always been popular in Italian kitchen decor. Orange color is often used to increase appetite and to calm nerves. It combines well with furniture and floors dark, and can be accentuated by many different textures and designs. A golden yellow can remind olive oil, which is used in almost all Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Kitchen island design in Italian cuisine has its origins in ancient Rome. This is a origin of good ornaments that can be found throughout Italian kitchen designs.

Sort cabinets for your Italian kitchen decor made ​​of dark wood. Grow old kitchen cabinets so they look warm and inviting. Placed on top of cabinets covered with marble or granite embellished with gold, burnt orange patterns, coffee or mineral creamed. Add copper utensils and hinges, plus a large antique brass taps and drain sink.

A variety of woods and stones can be used in different elements in Italian kitchen decor. You can have pine cabinets and table and matching chairs. Floors may be contrasted with a darker shade of plywood. Stone floors are also an excellent option for rustic kitchens.

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