Get Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen needs a touch of personality, distressing your cabinets give a distinctive touch. Distressed kitchen cabinets give the room a vintage; look lived in what is good for cottages. The advantage of distressed separate cabinets, however, is that under the veneer of light wear, wood itself is new and free from putrefaction and other damage.

Unscrew your distressed kitchen cabinets doors and lay them flat on a protective cover. Sand the finish lightly. Not completely strip the surface – just scrape up for your primer will adhere. Then paint a latex primer and wait for it to dry, and then do the same with a layer of latex paint.

Splash of darker tone latex paint on distressed kitchen cabinets with a flick it off your brush. Scrape cabinets very lightly with some old keys. Do not cut too deep and gouge the wood. Hit cabinets with a chain of small spots cause damage and distress to the goal. Arena cabinets slightly near points of natural relief, like all hardware and molding. And give cabinetry two layers of polyurethane, allowing it to dry between coats. Finally replace your distressed kitchen cabinets doors.

Creative Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed kitchen cabinets – Decorative finishing shapes of your cabinets allow you to express your creativity and enhance your decor. Distressing uses techniques that mimic appearance of aged wood. Use of a light colored paint allows natural beauty of pine with knots to show through, giving your cabinets and your entire kitchen a live-in feel that resembles generations of use. This type of finishing technique for cabinets can also help hide scratches and accidental scratches that tend to occur in high traffic areas such as kitchens and pantries.

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Renewing finish of your cabinets will give them a completely new look, which can make your kitchen look fresh and bright. Choose a new finish that suits your kitchen design and your skills. If you have time, you can sand and dye cabinets in a new color. You can also paint; a bright color will change mood of kitchen, giving it a modern and fresh look. For a rustic look or rustic style, add a distressed kitchen cabinets finish.

Painting cabinets is simplest way to change appearance. Choose a daring color, such as crimson on mango, or opt for a glossy black or white. You can paint cabinets from bottom a different shade of top cabinets for a very contemporary look. For a country cabin, try a curtain of blue or faded green, distressed kitchen cabinets. If you do not want to paint entire cabinet, from template or by hand a design on doors of some or all of cabinets. Choose a theme such as wild flowers, herbs and birds, or go with an abstract design.

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