How Old Antique Kitchen Cabinets

For many families, the kitchen is the most used room in a home, often serves as a meeting place. After so many years may be time to change the look of the room, and while buying new cabinets may sound like a good idea. Antique kitchen cabinets are a great way to add style and warmth to a room, so a drastic changes while staying within a small budget. Remove all hardware and handles antique kitchen cabinets. Clean the wood using a suitable degreaser to the cabinet finish.

Apply one coat of stain to a small portion of a closet. Clean the stain using paper towels, sponge, or even a dry brush. Experiment with each tool gives different look and find the look you like best. Remove the hardware and antique kitchen cabinets handles. Arena away paint around the edges and handles on cabinets to give a distressed look.

Work out enough paint to reveal part of the wood beneath. Use crackle paint cabinets relief painting a base coat with regular paint, and applying the crackle paint on top. The crackle paint will make the base layer to “crunch”, giving the cabinet a distressed look. Practice with this method to achieve the desired look.

Antique White Kitchen Island Ideas

Antique white kitchen island – Accessories and wood antique white kitchen island, add color to your kitchen when you have white cabinets using accessories. If you have white dishes, you wear them with white furniture open. Consider painting the interior of yellow or lime green white cabinets for a touch of color. Stainless steel appliances work well with white furniture. Natural wood in their white kitchen adds warmth, such as hardwood floors. Add an island of wood and create a focal point in your kitchen.

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Other colors and techniques, antique white kitchen island combined with black granite and other details in black, as black chairs or stools and black appliances, create a formal air. The black also provides an interesting contrast. Try painting your walls in colors like rose pink or mint green, or use the warmer colors if you have an Italian style cuisine, such as sand and almond.

Add splashes of color using colored pieces as dashboards or as a top for his island. An article in Better Homes and Gardens called “antique white kitchen island” suggests the elimination of some of its white doors of kitchen cupboards and shelves installed, painting them the same shade of white as your cabinets. Use these baskets or shelves to hold a wine rack.

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