Ideal Kitchen Window Valance

Kitchen window valance – Window caps is smaller blinds hanging on the top of the window.  Valances originally designed to hide the hardware used to hang windows. Today, capes still serve the purpose, but also add a thematic element to a room, bring in color and pattern and add weight to window treatments.

While kitchen window valance treatments are typically made of cloth, there is no reason galvanized steel cannot be used, according to HGTV website. Reflective metal caps can be fastened to the wall with the drawer pull. Curve sheet metal to the top windows with a reflective surface. It emphasizes the height of a room.

Adding a window can valance create a feeling of admissibility of a room? For a luxury choice, choose a damask or silk fabric. Swag the fabric around heavy, ornate metal hardware. Box- pleated valances also create a formula topper for standard window curtain, according to Better Homes and Gardens website.

Kid’s rooms are an ideal place in the home to use bright colors and create fun, thematic decor. In a beach-themed kid’s room, like the top window with fluttering grass found in hula skirts. For a funky, girl’s room suggest experts at HGTV using an animal print kitchen window valance accented with ribbon in wall color or bedding color.

Kitchen Window Valances Ideas

Kitchen window valances – Sometimes a kitchen space will have a single window. Bring up the approach and the importance of one-stop creative treatment window. The Homes and Gardens website Best suggests making the window of a focal point by filling it with a valance arc. An arched treatment adds up to the room, so most prominent window in space. Choose an elegant fabric that brings the colors used in the kitchen. Complete with a pleated valance edge to give a little weight and a sense of importance in space.

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Many homes are designed with a great room concept that closes the kitchen, dining and living room in one large room. In these areas, it may be difficult to design rooms for the individual purpose of each point is reflected. One of the best ideas is to tie the kitchen window valances in all spaces along with a similar window treatment.

Simple hanging bars at the same height in each of the rooms curtain. This will allow all kitchen window valances to appear to be the same size. Hang simple neutral shades in the room. Accentuate the curtains on the left and the right with a band of bright colors such as red or blue, according to the website of Homes and Gardens best. Choose a color that is accented in all rooms, but not dominant in space.

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