Ideas to Make a Galley Kitchen Lighting Appear Larger

Galley kitchen lighting – Galley kitchens current design challenges in many homes. The long, narrow kitchen seems small for most homeowners. Several design tricks make a kitchen look larger without changing the actual size of the room. Design elements and layout can improve the appearance of large or small the kitchen kitchens.

The color of each galley kitchen lighting making a big impact on how expansive it feels. Bright colors generally make a room feel larger. A light blue, cream, pale yellow or another light color works well for a galley kitchen. Paint all walls and ceilings in lighter colors to open up the room. Darker wall colors close in the room and make it feel more like a cave. In addition to walls and ceilings, consider brighter colors for kitchen flooring.

Lighting Galley Kitchen

The lighting also makes a big impact on the perceived size of a kitchenette. Avoid fixtures with dark shades. Clean lines of light fixtures make the galley kitchen lighting feel less cluttered. Track lighting or recessed fixtures work well because they are simple and do not hang out in the room. Add lighting above cabinets for atmosphere and draw the eye upward. Lighting under the cabinets also lights in the room and makes it feel larger.

Solutions for Galley Kitchen Lighting

In many kitchen designs, the lamps installed in the ceiling generally provide a more diffuse light, which can illuminate the entire space. However, in galley kitchen lighting, use one light mounted in the center of the roof may not be suitable for lighting throughout the kitchen, since space is usually long and narrow. On the other hand, the track lighting is an ideal solution because it has individual heads that can be adjusted to provide light in specific areas of the kitchen. You can install two separate on each side of the room tracks, so there will be plenty of light throughout the space.

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Usually one pendant light is used to provide light in the central area of ​​a kitchen. However, in galley kitchen lighting, one light may not be enough to illuminate the entire space. An ideal solution is to hang a series of hanging lights with the same design along the center of the ceiling to illuminate the entire kitchen.

You can find hanging lights in a variety of styles and colors, so you will not only add light to the galley kitchen lighting, but also a decorative element. To get a more interesting aspect, uses the same style lamps, but in two or three different colors.

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