Lovely Color for Kitchen Living Room Combo

Kitchen living room combo – To create a peaceful and cohesive space, is combination of dining and living room as a single. Proper planning can help to highlight best features of room. Judiciously choosing color scheme linking space and leaves you with a designer look. Choose a color wheel. They are available online or at paint store. Color wheel is your guide to find shades that will work best in space. To treat space as a room individually, it is particularly important to be careful with colors you enter. A good place to start is to look at color of your sofa, largest piece of furniture in living room. Do it focal point around which color make other decisions of decoration kitchen living room combo.

Choose a paint color for walls. Opt for a complementary tone, pitch opposite color of your couch on color wheel. For example, if your couch is medium green bluish color in front of wheel is beige sand. Last option is to use a neutral tone for kitchen living room combo, a color that works with almost all colors and help you make space feel larger. Brown, tan, cream and white eggshell are examples of tone neutral.

Stylish Kitchen Living Room Combo

Decorate kitchen living room combo can be confusing. Do you start with the dining room? Do you start with the living? Do you have to paint the two parts of the same color? Can you use contrasting colors? In this case, there are many options that you must delete. This guide will help you convert your whole living room into a work of art.  Palette of colors is very important when designing kitchen living room combo. Choose a range that pleases you, looking different swatches and your favorite household art. You can even decide on the colors of the fabric of your chairs. Choose a shade principal, one secondary and one or two shades to accentuate.

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Style of furniture should be equal in kitchen living room combo. While you should try to get the colors and materials are very similar, the style of the furniture should be the same. The type of furniture you are placing is not very important when you keep the same in both rooms. If the eclectic pieces are your favorite, that’s fine too, as long as you do not have a style in fourth and one completely different in the other. Try to maintain a balance.

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