Making Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass kitchen cabinet doors – Since cabinets are the focal point of any kitchen, it only makes sense to have the cabinet doors complement the cabinets. One way to do this is to make glass cabinet doors. It is recommended that you have a good amount of knowledge for woodworking because you must use a table saw to create doors of glass cabinets. The door here is going to build a wall cabinet to 18 inches with a door opening of 14-by-26-inches. Just repeat the steps for all the desired cabinet doors. Our door is 1 inch larger than the opening width and height and is known as a door overlap.

Making glass kitchen cabinet doors are Place all the material 1-for-3 on a table. Set near the table saw to 2 inches and rip the four parts of this width.  Adjust the guide bar of “5/16-inch” and adjust the height of “½ inches.” Adjust the material 1-by-2-inch on the edge and make a pass sheet with each piece.  Measurement 1 inch of one end edge parts 27 inch drill a pilot hole through the width thereof. Repeat this on the other end of this piece and the other piece of 27 inches.

Apply a little glue on the ends of one of the pieces of 15 inches, placed between the two pieces of 27 inches, and insert a penny 8d nail into the pilot holes. Slide the window pane in the grooves, apply glue to the ends of the other 15-inch piece and slide the slot on the glass kitchen cabinet doors between the two pieces of 27 inches. Clean as much glue as possible with a damp cloth. Remove the glue is set when the clamps.

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Replacing Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass kitchen cabinet doors – Glass kitchen cabinet doors will become the focal point of your kitchen. Owners can add glass for your current kitchen cabinets with a little know-how and the DIY spirit. Instructions: Remove the cabinet door with a screwdriver. Remove the panel wood door kitchen cabinet. You have to use a router to remove the outer edge of the door that is keeping the wooden panel in place. Do this carefully and not defeat wood panel. You may decide that you want to replace the rear panel.

Remove debris and tail from the inner edge of the glass kitchen cabinet doors. Once removed, apply a thin strip of clear sealant to the inside edge of the cabinet door. Slowly press the glass in place, the same way you would install the glass in a picture frame.

Hold the glass in place by installing plastic clips. First drill a pilot hole in the cabinet and then screw the plastic clips in place. Place the plastic clips three to four inches apart. Metal clips may be used, but do not over tighten or you may break the glass insert.  Replace the glass kitchen cabinet doors.

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