Painting Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark kitchen cabinets-Replacing cabinets can be costly and difficult, but old, dark wood cabinets will date your kitchen and affect both your resale value and interior. If it’s not in your budget to buy new cabinets, repainting the existing is the best option. Along with new hinges and handles your freshly painted cabinets to put your kitchen up to date in just a few days and at very little cost.


Remove cabinet and hardware. Remove the doors and unscrew the hinges off the bases and doors. Pull out drawers. Screw cupboard and drawer pulls. Drape countertops, carpets and other surfaces with a tarpaulin or plastic. Sand cabinet bases and doors. It is not necessary to remove all the paint; simply rough up the surface. Make sure there are no oily / greasy stains remain. Wipe all surfaces with a tack cloth to remove sawdust.

Mask under cabinets. Masking tape does away easily. Paint the dark kitchen cabinets with primer. If repainting with a dark color, the paint store tints your primer. One coat of primer should be sufficient. Let the primer dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply color to the cabinet and cabinet bases. A small roll helps you apply paint smoothly to dark kitchen cabinets doors. You will need two or three coats of paint for complete coverage. Let the paint dry thoroughly between coats; Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for drying time. Replace hardware and hinges, or install new hardware. If you use old hardware, give it a quick degreasing and cleaning before reuse.

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How to Dye Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Change the look of your kitchen does not mean you have to replace your cabinets. Instead, you can dye them with a different tone for a fresh look at the kitchen space with dark kitchen cabinets. Start work to dye dark kitchen cabinets in a well ventilated area. Prepare your kitchen cabinets clearing any debris. Sanding the doors of your kitchen cabinet and frame with a hand sander. Use medium grit paper. Use a piece of sandpaper to sand medium grain all the nooks and crannies that the sander cannot reach. Clean the dust with a cloth. Change the sandpaper in hand sander sandpaper fine grain. Sanding on the surface of the cabinet doors and frame.

Mix gently with the dye stick painter, thoroughly mixing the settled material by mixing the dye. Using your brush tip brush, dip the brush into the dye. Place it at an angle of 45 degrees and paint dyeing wood with even movements back and forth. Let dye dark kitchen cabinets dry. For an even darker vision, uses fine sandpaper and sanding the doors of the kitchen cabinets and frame. Clean dust and apply a second coat of stain. Once dry, apply a layer of protection.

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