Refinish Glazed Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Glazed maple kitchen cabinets – Maple cabinets are an excellent choice for the kitchen. They have a natural beauty and look great for many years. They are relatively low maintenance and holds up well to normal wear and tear. Sometimes, however, they need to be refinished, especially if you live in a very humid environment or have small children who play in them.

Refinish glazed maple kitchen cabinets; remove hardware from the cabinet or cabinets with the screwdriver. This includes hinges and doorknobs or handles. Set aside the door. Remove all shelves from inside. Sand the outside of the cabinet or cabinets and doors with the 80-grit sandpaper. Use small circular motions to remove all the old paint or stain. Do not use a belt sander, because you have very little control. Wipe the housing with a damp cloth or sponge to remove all the leftover dust. This is important because dust will actually leave the bumps on the surface of the stain.

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After that to refinish glazed maple kitchen cabinets, stain the front of the door and then the inside of the cabinets. After you stain the door, place it with the colored side up to dry. Stain on the outside of the cabinet. Stain the upper side of the shelf and the edge that will stand out of the opening, the door will go. Stain the back of the cabinet door. Apply polyurethane to the door and let it dry overnight. When the door is completely dry, you can reattach all the necessary hardware. Once you have hinges and handles on the doors, hanging doors back on the cabinets.

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