A Creative Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Fancy up your flip flops!
Pineapple ~ $2.99 on sale this week at Publix!     Flip flops ~ $2.50 @ Target, Blouse ~ free to me      
Thrifted dress ~ $2.50 
“Orange You Glad” Flip Flops

Puppy ~ priceless!

Yesterday was my birthday (pics below). Today I felt “creatively crafty” so I embellished my new orange flip flops.
I cut several 1″ x 4″ strips from the free blouse above. Best to use stretchy fabric. The blouse was polyester. Perfect!

I adore the yellow and orange of these roses! I adore this boy!

Birthday On Honeymoon Island

~How I spent my birthday ~

~Swinging on a beach swing on Honeymoon Island with my HONEY~

Admiring the view while rocking in chairs on the upper back deck of the Nature Center at Honeymoon Island

Laughing because one of these gulls dropped a little “gift” on TechSon’s head. Thank goodness he was wearing a hat!

~ Playing Nature Photographer ~
~Swinging “high & fast” as SkateBoy pushed us in the Beach Swing~

~Happy my 3 guys wanted to make me happy on my birthday~

One Fine Man, TechSon & SkateBoy (on swing)

Growing older is best done in the company of those you love the best!

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