My Creativity

I NEED to be creative. Sometimes my creativity involves writing, cooking, re-arranging my furniture, or attempting a crafty project by gluing something with Mod Podge. My “artsy” projects are always a little iffy. I try to follow the directions and end up making short cuts which results in a “Well, I tried” attitude. 

Last year I found a project that was so me and I “made” a journal. It looks pretty cute but the thing won’t lay flat so instead of using it as a journal, I just record all of my passwords in it. “Well, I tried.”

Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

In December I thought I would get a jump start on a planner for 2011. So, where did I go? Walgreens! Actually I was already there doing a Register Reward deal and saw cheap day planners (but just the layout I like) for $2. 
I got it with the idea of Mod Podgeing scrapbook paper on the front and back covers to “personalize” it.

Kind of a “patchwork” design because I failed “cutting” in kindergarten. I really did.

Problem is, I accidentally Mod Podged some of the pages to the covers and now they are stuck. 

When I tried to “unstick” this page, it tore.

The good news is they were those pesky “personal information” pages and I already know all of that about me, so whatever…
Hey, I tried.

My Creativity
1st quarter goals
Video blog 2x/month
Write a Bible study.(Begin writing a Bible study.)
Create a Meal Plan binder.
Again, as the 1st quarter comes to an end, I will re-evaluate and plan my goals for the 2nd quarter. 
Early in 2009, I was doing a series I called “Shop Your Closet.” I may bring that back. It was fun. It was creative. And the best part was my cameraman ~ Andrew. I love that boy with all my heart. I miss him.Terribly.
From August ’09 ~ picture taken by my boy Andrew~
For My Body 1st quarter goals, go here.
For My Spirit 1st quarter goals, go here.
I have one more category in my 1st quarter goals. Check back!
I’m linking to Sandy’s blog at God Speak’s Today.

Life Lines Here & Friday Faves

Click on the flowers for more faves!
I love to see women expressing themselves in a creative way. My friend, Cheryl, put together a beautiful Aloha Tablescape at the school where I teach. It was Teacher Appreciation week. Cheryl is on the left in the short sleeves. Her sweet daughter is the young girl in turquoise. Thanks, Cheryl, for a feast for the eyes as well as the stomache! I had a bagel & fruit on a skewer!

Two Of Cheryl’s Baby Shower Creations

It’s a diaper bag. It’s a baby dress & shoes.

It’s a CAKE!

Complete with “diapers” and an extra set of clothing…

My friend Natalie, cake decorator extraordinaire, created this beautiful cake. Even the “dress” and “shoes” are the cake!
Creative women everywhere…I admire you. I appreciate you. I am your friend!

The gorgeous evening sky I beheld last night as I left our church, site of the baby shower.

My God and my Creator…I am in awe of You & Your Creation!

To read the latest Life Lines, go here.

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