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Galley kitchen design ideas РThe galley kitchen layout is one of the most functional types of kitchen blueprints where both opposite walls are put to good use equipped with appliances, work surfaces and different kitchen zones. These types of kitchens are mostly found in smaller homes or apartments where space is fairly restricted.

Although not all, but many galley kitchen design ideas tend to be long, narrow spaces and need very effective lighting options to make the area appear brighter. To have a well-lit galley kitchen makes it feel bigger and look wider. A lighting scheme that draws out the height and width of the kitchen is ideal and can be made of both task lights and ambience lights.

Furnishing the kitchen with glossy units or those that have reflective surfaces can also create an illusion of a galley kitchen design ideas wider area. Lighter colored surfaces will do a better job of this than darker colored surfaces. If the galley ends in a glass door or window facing outside, natural light infiltration can expand the impact of visually lengthening the room.

Small Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Galley kitchen design ideas – We all agree that kitchen is a warm happy place that smells like butter, cookies and fresh bread. Women spend a good part of their day in the kitchen, cooking the most amazing lunch and dinner for your loved ones.

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Galley kitchens originated in Frankfurt in 1926. A galley kitchen design ideas is an efficient kitchen that helps you use the small space in an effective way. The units, a galley kitchen are placed longitudinally in parallel counters. The cabinets are placed on providing increased storage space and makes better use of restricted space.

Kitchen ideas guys work with kitchens that are small, without enough space for different kitchen utensils. The most important thing to remember when designing a galley kitchen is that there must be enough space corridors between the two branches of parallel kitchen to facilitate easy movement during cooking. Other things to keep in mind are color themes, lighting, use of space and furniture for cuisine. You can create numerous kitchen designs, considering all these points. Below some image is galley kitchen design ideas renovation to make your stylish and functional kitchen.

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