How to Clean Butcher Block Kitchen Table

A butcher block kitchen table adds beauty and functionality to a kitchen. Because you use your butcher block table to prepare the daily meal, keep it clean and sanitary to protect their food and to maintain the natural beauty of the table. Clean block table-oil or natural butcher semi-gloss finish similarly. Add a little TLC every few uses to ensure a long and bright life for this valuable work surface.

Instructions to clean butcher block kitchen table: mix a dash of mild soap in warm water until foaming light. Add 1/8 cup of bleach to the foam. Dip a rough sponge or scouring pad on the cleaning mixture. Clean the surface of natural oil finish or butcher block table to loosen semi-gloss surface food.

Use stainless steel cutter dough to scrape all the food particles from the surface of the table. Wipe down with a damp cloth. Dry the surface with dry cotton cloth.

Tips and warnings to clean butcher block kitchen table is rub mineral oil heated on a butcher table natural oil finish after four or five uses block suggests cooking Inn. Keep fluids sitting in natural oil surfaces or block of semi-bright spots to minimize butcher.

DIY Butcher Block Kitchen Table

Butcher block kitchen table – Butcher block counters consists of separate pieces of wood that are glued together with the top surface sanded smooth. These countertops are durable surfaces to cook and wash dishes. If the butcher block is ordered to custom-fit the space, installation requires only a few tools.

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Cut and fit a 1-inch-thick piece of wood on top of the cabinet to support the butcher block kitchen table, using the saw. It should fit into the top of the cabinets. Install deck screws at an angle, using a drill and start on top of the waste into the side of the cabinet. Add waste in this way every 12 inches or so. Rub a thin layer of bath and kitchen sealant on the wood strips and front and rear lips of the cabinet frame.

Lower butcher block on top of the cabinet carefully. Center it so countertop fit correctly and have the proper overhang. Crouch under the cabinet and have another person firmly hold the countertop. Drill deck screws with fender washers through waste wood in the butcher block. The screws should be short enough so they do not puncture the butcher block kitchen table. Place a screw every 6 to 8 inches.

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