How to Install Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Where and how kitchen sink plumbing connecting the two drains depend entirely on the location of the drain pipe coming out of the wall under the sink. Spend a p-trap drain pipe coming out of the wall under the kitchen sink. Chordal theme in the sinking baskets at the bottom of the two basins. Place two pipe elbows 90 degrees chordal if the pipe wall is between the two sink drain. If the pipe wall sits closer to a drain, threading a sanitary tee that drains tailpiece.

Measure the distance between your elbow 90 degrees and sanitary tee. Cut a piece of straight pipe to connect the two with a hacksaw. Thread a riser at the other end of the p-trap. Pass the riser tube at the end of the sanitary T for configurations with the drain pipe in the wall closer to a kitchen sink plumbing.

Thread a double 90 degree pipe tee at the other end of the riser kitchen sink plumbing sitting between the two drains. Cut two straight pipe to connect elbows 90 degrees to the double T of 90 degrees.  Run water down a drain in the sink for two minutes and then the other drain for two minutes. Examine the pipes for signs of leaks.

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