Kitchen Island Countertop

For the foodies, the kitchen island countertop is an element that we love. Both aesthetics and functionality, kitchen islands structure the space and allow several people are cooking together in the kitchen, not to mention the convenience of eating breakfast in them, or have a glass of wine while you chat. The central island is a solid wood furniture that is very charming thanks to its finishes with antique effect, and is ideal for kitchens with rustic or vintage air. It has a fantastic wooden countertop covering a wooden cabinet painted in ivory color.

Central island Panel, This kitchen island countertop will allow you to create a warm sea environment in your kitchen thanks to the color of your wood. Natural wood aging provenience recycled pine topped by blue stone countertop anthracite. Next to the inner shelf covered by two doors, this model has two drawers and three outdoor shelves.

Central kitchen island countertop Lucero is made ​​of solid wood rosewood , and is certainly a cozy work space to prepare your best dishes thanks to the warm tone of wood combined with wrought iron , and gold hues and the grain of the she sham are highlighted with a color applied by hand.

Building Kitchen Island Countertop

Kitchen island countertop should be built to keep the surface you want on top. The counters are built primarily of wood cut to size and are fairly easy to do. All you need is wood and hardware, along with the basic knowledge of the management of some cutting tools, and you could have a counter ready for lining within one day.

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To build kitchen island countertop are Measure the upper area of the cabinet to obtain the necessary dimensions to the counter surface. Use a tape measure to mark the dimensions of the top of the cabinets. Draw straight lines for your saw forward. Cut the 3/4 inch plywood along the markings using a power saw. Place the plywood cabinets and nail down the edges. Cut an additional piece of plywood using 1/4 inch thick if you need more height. Do the same as the first piece.

Place the sink upside down on the wood surface where you want to be found. Trace around the sink with a pencil. Cut the sink hole out following his interior lines I drew. Use a saw to cut the opening. This is kitchen island countertop to a basic construction. If you are going to cover in laminate or have someone bring in Corona or stone surface, you can stop here. Lay cement board to the surface of wood whether to install the tile. Cut the cement board along lines drawn with a jigsaw.

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