The Projects of Small Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens   – Learn how to plan small kitchens without making mistakes, get inspired with pictures of modern, classic and contemporary kitchens. See the best models of small kitchens for your home or apartment. Hello, this post you will learn how to plan the space of your kitchen in a practical way, to facilitate the cooking work, and even bonus you will be inspired by wonderful photos of small kitchens to suit all tastes. I always liked cuisines like a good granddaughter of a ninth Italian kitchen has always been my creativity corner at home, that pleasant space to gather the family around the table to talk while preparing a nice folder.

When planning a contemporary kitchens   it is to think about what will have to be stored (cutlery, plates, bowls, appliances, dry food, chilled food, cleaning products, towels, spices, etc.). How it will be stored so that it is easy to access, especially things more used as seasonings, cups, plates, cutlery. The size of appliances such as the stove and the refrigerator can be defined by the need of the family, for example, I usually cook once a week, vegetables and sauces and freeze all so during the week I have ready meals, so my fridge has a good freezer space, because in addition to the meats I freeze a lot.

All models of contemporary kitchens   the only one that does not allow the work triangle is the linear kitchen, or online. That’s a pretty common model in small kitchens. In this case the stove, the sink and the refrigerator are aligned. The optimal placement of these points for a linear kitchen is to keep the sink between the stove and the refrigerator, always separated by benches. The linear contemporary kitchens   is indicated when there is no space for benches to be placed on both walls of the kitchen, you need to at least leave a passage of 80 cm between stands or between the counter top and the wall, the ideal is between 120 cm and 150 cm to be more comfortable for a person.

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Function and Bebefit for Lighting Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens – Function of lighting contemporary kitchens If the lighting is part of a renewal or a separate update, the first focus of planning has to be on getting your kitchen work done as efficiently as possible. A good bathroom lighting is pretty obvious – reducing spots on glasses and get dirt carrots. What may be less obvious is that since spent much time in the sink, lighting should be glare-free. Food preparation areas also need clear, glare lighting. Think hard about how you use your counters – where you bake, chop vegetables or make other detailed work. Excess counter lighting, with separate controls for each workspace, improve traditional cuisine.

Benefits lighting contemporary kitchens can make your kitchen more efficient as a workspace and also more attractive as an area for family get together. Contemporary accessories, even in a less-than-contemporary setting, can bring a sense of humor in a rather serious room.

How much more fun than homework under an accessory that adds shine and color to your kitchen table. Light up your home office area with a mobile brightly (and energy efficient) stars. Add a single, shining like a jewel pendant to a dark corner. Styles of lighting contemporary kitchens exhibit playfulness welcome improves almost all styles of decor.

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